Boost Your Day With PROH2O’s Ready-To-Go Sparkling Protein Water

Boost Your Day With PROH2O’s Ready-To-Go Sparkling Protein Water

New to sparkling protein water? Here’s what you need to know: it’s for everyone. 

Contrary to what many people believe, sparkling protein water isn't just for gym enthusiasts. Although it's a champion at helping athletes refuel, it’s also great for busy professionals juggling a million things, parents sprinting from work to soccer practice, and anyone seeking a quick and healthy pick-me-up. 


What is PROH2O sparkling protein water? 

It is simply that—protein infused sparkling water. This means that in every serve, you get the same benefits as any other bottle of sparkling water while also packing a healthy dose of protein, 20g to be exact. In other words, it’s a fantastic way to get your protein fix and hydrate—the benefits are massive. 

Using cold-fusion technology, we use carbonating techniques to give you the fizz you love, while also keeping amino acid content, 20g of protein and delicious flavours present in every bottle so you get the most out of every sip. 

The best part? PROH2O gives your body the protein it needs, with excellent taste. 

While sparkling and still protein waters are usually marketed towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it really works beyond this demographic. Absolutely anyone can benefit from PROH2O’s nutrient-dense beverage, helping you stay fueled and focused throughout the day. 


How do I choose protein supplements? 

We can’t make that decision for you but we can suggest considering the following before making a decision on how you’re going to include protein in your day-to-day! 

  • Taste
  • Protein Content 
  • BCAAs 
  • Sugar Content
  • Calorie Count 

We don’t want to brag, but PROH2O ticks all of the boxes. Here’s how: 

  • Taste: We have 6 delicious flavours available. Combine that with sparkling fizz. 
  • Protein Content: 20g per serve. Read that again.  
  • BCAAs: Packed with amino acids, our sparkling water helps support muscle metabolism and build and repair muscle tissue so you can recover quicker and perform better. 
  • Sugar Content: Absolutely ZERO sugar, carbohydrates or fat. All of the flavour, none of the compromise. So good! 
  • Calorie Count: Approx. 84 calories every 300mL. It’s time to ditch other fizzy drinks and hydrate with us. 


PROH2O sparkling protein water is ready-to-go… 

We know and understand that more and more consumers are becoming more health-conscious, but we are also a culture that loves convenience. 

PROH2O can easily kick nutritional goals without interrupting your day. Each 300mL bottle is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of their lifestyle or goals. This lets you find balance and momentum whenever you need it. So, whether you’re a relaxed cosmopolitan or athlete, we’ve got you. 

With 6 and 12 packs available in a variety of flavours, you can stay stocked up at home. Sleek, portable bottles mean staying hydrated is effortless, and there’s no longer a need to “shake it up” to get a protein-hit. We’re ready for your dynamic lifestyle. No need to compromise your health anymore, PROH2O sparkling protein water is the solution. 

Whether you're a busy professional, a multitasking parent, or simply someone looking for a convenient way to boost your protein intake, PROH2O has something to offer everyone. 

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