Healthy Drink
We’re Proh2o.
a team of health-lovers 
from Sydney
PROH2O was founded with a simple mission to deliver innovative, functional and
great-tasting drinks that promote a better, healthier you.
True story
Tasty, sparkling protein water is actually a thing.
Here’s how it came about.

Founded in 2018, the team at PROH2O has poured relentless efforts into formulating Australia's first protein water.

With an aim to revolutionise the way protein is enjoyed on-the-go, we’ve spent years of tireless dedication to transforming the protein experience through extensive research and development for innovative, on-the-go, healthier drink options.

As a result, every bottle of PROH2O offers exceptional taste, invaluable benefits and convenience without compromising the health and wellbeing of our Fizz Fam.

Today, PROH2O is Australia’s leading provider of high-quality protein sparkling water and we’re eager to share our product with those who haven’t tried it yet and the rest of the world (international deliveries coming soon!).

Made in
We’re so proud of where we come from. PROH2O is designed and manufactured in Australia, and like most things that come from the land down under, each bottle is health-conscious, mindful of the environment and better than the rest, if not the best.
the team

Deeply passionate about improving wellness, lifestyle and overall health. Our team has invested much energy, time and thought into our sparkling water so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our sparkling protein water. No matter who you are, we want you to benefit from the goodness of the fizz; by goodness, we mean the flavour, protein, and BCAA contents.

Get to know us a little better and have a drink with us. With every bottle, you get a little taste of who we are and what we live for—good health and good vibes, always!

We care about you & the environment
We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. How? Our glass bottles are eco-friendly and specifically designed to be recycled, reused and refilled. This gives us (and you!) the opportunity to play a part in helping the planet by reducing waste, raw materials, energy and CO2.