Cold-Fusion Technology
Revolutionising the way sparkling protein water is made.
let’s drink to that.

Cold-fusion technology. That’s how we do it. Our sparkling water is more than just a ‘protein-hit.’ By harnessing the power of cold-fusion technology, we empower you to live your best life with uncompromised ingredients, one refreshing sip at a time.

Cold-fusion technology combines science and flavour. By using carbonating techniques at room temperature, as opposed to heat treatments that most competitors use, we preserve the integrity of our ingredients. What does this mean? We don’t tamper with essential amino acids, the 20g of protein and delicious flavours present in each bottle, so you get the most out of every sip.

Groundbreaking Technology 
More efficient. More rapid. More results. This innovative
approach is game-changing. 
Nutritional Value Is Untouched
No heat means protein and BCAAs are preserved, with
maximum benefits each sip.
Better Taste and Texture
Exceptional, smooth, and refreshing taste profiles
thanks to cold processes
Easy on the Stomach 
Protein molecules remain unaffected, so our drinks are easy
on the stomach. 
Better for the Environment
Cold-fusion technology uses low energy meaning no
harmful emissions during manufacturing. 
An Aussie First
We’re the first to utilise cold-fusion technology. Experience
global innovation with PROH2O.