From Gym to the Office: How Zero Sugar Protein Drinks Boost Energy and Focus

From Gym to the Office: How Zero Sugar Protein Drinks Boost Energy and Focus

Zero sugar protein drinks — a healthy way power your body and mind

If you can’t get through the day without coffee or a sneaky sweet treat, you’re not alone. It’s normal to crave caffeine and sugar for a quick energy boost, whether it’s first thing in the morning when you’re getting ready for work, or late in the afternoon when concentration is waning. The problem is, these little pick-me-ups can come with a lot more than energy alone.
Read on to learn the dangers of caffeinated and sugary beverages–and how alternatives like zero sugar protein water can add fuel and focus to your day, without the unwanted side effects.

Problem: Caffeine leaves you dehydrated

Due to its diuretic properties (meaning, it makes you pee a lot!), caffeine can cause dehydration if it’s not offset by extra water or fluids. This is especially problematic first thing in the morning—when coffee is most often consumed—because the body may already be dehydrated after sleep. Especially if you’re sleeping with the air conditioning or heater running full blast!

Solution: Boost hydration levels with sparkling protein water

Fruity, refreshing and ultra-hydrating, a bottle of PROH2O in the morning will get natural electrolytes back into your body and set you up for the day ahead. There’s no need to cut out the coffee completely, but you might find that by boosting your water intake over time, your need for extra caffeine decreases.

Problem: Caffeine gives you the jitters

One of the reasons why we love coffee is the immediate energy rush it provides, which creates a sense of mental alertness. This occurs through the stimulation of neurotransmitters–namely adrenaline and dopamine–which serve to ‘wake up’ the central nervous system. However, some people are very sensitive to this effect and experience shakiness, heart palpitations and anxiety after consuming just a small amount of caffeine.

Solution: Choose a better beverage to balance your mood (and anxiety levels)

Sparkling protein water offers a more sustained energy release, assisting with focus throughout the day–not just in the short term. As a caffeine-free and sugar-free source of energy and hydration, it won’t cause the sudden spikes in heart rate and blood pressure that lead to the jitters.

Problem: Caffeine disrupts your sleep

Caffeine works by blocking a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which is responsible for helping us relax and fall asleep. That might sound like a great way to stay alert throughout the day, but because caffeine lingers around in your system for several hours, consuming it in the afternoon or evening can lead to a restless night ahead. And that means you’ll wake up even more exhausted.

Solution: Set a caffeine cut-off time

Keep coffee and energy drink consumption to a minimum–and avoid them after 4pm if you want to get a good nights’ rest. If you feel like an afternoon pick-me-up, consider a source of high-quality, sugar-free protein instead.

Problem: Caffeine can lead to heart complications

In small doses, caffeine has been shown to have cardiovascular benefits in healthy adults. However, in large quantities it can induce the symptoms of heart complications, or even trigger genetic heart problems that were previously dormant.

Solution: Enjoy in moderation

A little bit is okay–but be mindful of how you feel after drinking coffee or energy drinks, and if you have existing heart problems, these products are best avoided.

Problem: Energy drinks contribute to weight gain and insulin resistance

While there’s a growing number of naturally-sweetened energy drinks on the market these days, the vast majority are still loaded with high levels of sugar. Consuming these drinks causes an immediate increase in blood sugar levels, which the body tries to combat by releasing a hormone called insulin to put things back into balance. When we do this regularly,  it puts pressure on the body to continually pump out extra insulin, and over time the system becomes less efficient at keeping blood sugar levels within a normal limit. This is known as insulin resistance—which is the first stage of developing Type 2 diabetes, and is a major contributing factor to weight gain.

Solution: Look for low-calorie, sugar-free or keto options

A no-sugar alternative like PROH2O sparkling protein water can satisfy your craving for something sweet, without adding bulk to your daily calorie intake or causing blood sugar levels to suddenly rise. Furthermore, the added benefit of protein will keep you satiated for longer–which reduces the risk of bingeing or reaching for a quick sugary fix. This makes it an excellent tool in maintaining a healthy weight.

Problem: Sugar-laden energy drinks contribute to tooth decay

Energy drinks typically contain high doses of sugar and acid, which combine with the bacteria in your mouth to weaken tooth enamel. Over time, the deterioration of enamel leads to decay and costly trips to the dentist for fillings (or worse, root canal).

Solution: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a zero-sugar alternative

Look after your teeth by avoiding added sugars in your diet, and by rinsing your mouth with water when you do consume sweets. Always consider a sugar-free alternative instead of the standard option.

The ultimate workout fuel

Protein water has become a popular option for athletes and gym enthusiasts who require extra protein in their diets without the excess sugar and additives. By consuming protein before a workout, you ensure that there’s enough amino acids available to fuel the body and withstand fatigue, especially during periods of intense exercise. 

When consumed after a workout, protein water promotes muscle growth and recovery. As the body is more able to absorb nutrients during this window, the added protein plays a role in rebuilding the muscle fibres quickly, and getting them prepared for the next workout with minimal recovery time or soreness.

Always check the ingredients panel


While zero-sugar protein drinks are clearly a better option than their sickly-sweet counterparts, not all products are created equal. Many drinks–particularly sports supplements–come loaded with unnecessary additives, chemicals and artificial colours, which also create issues when consumed on a regular basis.

In contrast, PROH2O’s range of clean sparkling protein water contains a short, simple list of ingredients and is primarily made from water and whey protein isolate. There’s no sugar, caffeine, artificial colours or stimulants added; instead, you’re getting a natural energy source from real, functional protein.

The right balance of protein and hydration can provide a long-term solution to curbing the sugar and caffeine cravings, and help keep you focused throughout the day without resorting to less healthy options. So when choosing an optimal fuel, always check the ingredients panel before making an informed choice.

PROH2O is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, whenever they need hydration–whether you’re a gym junkie, a gamer or simply thirsty after a day in the sun.

Try it for yourself by ordering online, or by visiting one of our stockists. Products are now available at EzyMart, QE Food Stores, Elite Supplements, BP and Metro Petroleum stores, as well as cafes throughout Sydney (check the Where to Buy section of our website for exact locations).