How Sugar-Free Sparkling Water Can Help You Drink Better

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We all know how integral good hydration is to maintaining optimal health. Amongst its many benefits, water keeps our skin glowing and helps with digestion, the absorption of nutrients, muscle and joint movement, blood pressure, temperature control and the elimination of toxins from the body. Adults require between 2 to 2.3 litres a day to avoid dehydration–but this can increase when a person is unwell, or during periods of intense heat or exercise to replace the water lost through sweat.

For many people, however, meeting daily water requirements can be a challenge. Some find plain water boring or simply don’t like the taste, which results in a struggle to stay hydrated. Others find themselves reaching for sugary beverages to quench their thirst such as soft drinks, sport drinks, fruit juices and cordial–and although these fluids are hydrating, they’re detrimental to our health in other ways. Read on to find out how sugar-laden beverages affect the body’s ability to function, and how sugar-free sparkling water can help you to drink better.

The Problem With Sugary Drinks

  • They’re full of  ‘empty calories’

    Gram for gram, refined sugar has minimal nutritional benefits compared to protein, complex carbohydrates and fat. Apart from a spike to blood sugar levels, it doesn’t deliver any valuable nutrients such as vitamins and minerals or essential fatty acids. It does, however, add calories to our diet–which is a high price to pay for consuming something that doesn’t fuel the body with sustained energy.

    • Excess sugar leads to weight gain

      Scientific evidence has consistently linked sugary drinks to weight gain . This can increase the risk of heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure) and stroke, as well as Type 2 diabetes and its associated complications (including loss of sight, infections, neuropathy and limb amputation).

      While any excess of sugar in the diet can lead to negative consequences, sugar-laden drinks are particularly problematic because they make it easy to consume large quantities of calories without getting full. Australian Government Dietary Guidelines recommend non-overweight adults should consume no more than 50g of sugar per day (which ideally should come from natural, unrefined sources such as fruit and no sugar-added dairy products). But when you consider that just one can of Mountain Dew contains around 46g of sugar–which is the equivalent of 11.5 teaspoons–it’s clear how easy it is for sugar intake to get out of control. Traditional sports drinks don’t fare much better. While it contains electrolytes, one 600mL bottle of Gatorade contains 36g of sugar, or 9 teaspoons. 

      • Sugar contributes to insulin resistance and mood swings

      Refined sugar causes an immediate increase in blood sugar levels. In order to regulate this, the body releases a hormone called insulin, which puts things back into balance. However, when refined sugar is consumed too regularly, it puts pressure on the body to continually pump out extra insulin, and over time the system becomes less efficient at keeping blood sugar levels within a normal limit. This is known as insulin resistance—which is the first stage of developing Type 2 diabetes.
      Fluctuating insulin and blood sugar levels cause brain fog, lethargy and crankiness. This in turn can make you crave more sugar, which only worsens the cycle.

      • Sugar is addictive like a drug

        Addiction describes a situation where someone’s brain chemistry has been altered to compel them to repeat a substance or activity, despite its harmful consequences. While we usually think of addiction in the context of drugs or alcohol, studies have shown that sugar works in a similar fashion–by releasing dopamine and activating opiate receptors within the body. This creates a pleasurable high that, naturally, the brain wants to repeat much in the same way it would respond to drugs. Furthermore, it causes you to crave more and more over time, and experience a sense of withdrawal when 

        • Sugary drinks destroy tooth enamel

          The combination of sugar and acid present in soft drinks and fruit juice causes tooth enamel to weaken, and encourages the growth of bacteria that leads to tooth decay. The best way to avoid this (and expensive trips to the dentist) is to avoid drinking full-sugar beverages on a regular basis.

          Sparkling Protein Water - A Better Choice

          Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on great tasting drinks entirely. PROH2O’s sparkling protein water tastes just as good as a soft drink or juice, but contains no sugar or unwanted calories. Here’s some of the ways that our range of functional sparkling protein water with no sugar can help fuel your body, and maintain good health without compromising on flavour.

          1. It tastes great–so you’ll be encouraged to drink more water throughout the day, and reach your daily hydration goals without resorting to unhealthy substitutes (or another coffee). 
          2. It’s an excellent source of protein (one bottle of PROH2O contains a whopping 20g of high quality whey protein)--which helps you to stay satisfied for longer, and avoid the 4pm sugar cravings. In fact, adequate protein intake per day has a positive correlation with satiety and a reduced tendency to binge–so it could help with weight management as well.
          3. There’s no sugar or carbs, so it won’t trigger sudden mood swings associated with changes in blood sugar, or contribute to the development of insulin resistance. PROH2O is keto and diabetic-friendly, so it’s also ideal for those watching their sugar intake as part of a fitness plan, or those managing chronic health conditions.
          4. It helps you to break the sugar habit. If you’re a sugar addict, PROH2O makes the transition to sugar-free alternatives easy–helping your body to detox and break the cycle of cravings and sugar crashes.
          5. You’ll help protect your pearly whites from tooth decay caused by sugary drinks–while still being able to indulge your sweet tooth.
          6. There’s no messy powders or protein shake mixes involved (seriously, who wants to carry around a big tub of electrolyte mix all day?). PROH2O’s ready-to-drink range of delicious sparkling protein waters are small enough to pop in your backpack, handbag or gym bag, for anytime anywhere convenience.
          7. It promotes muscle recovery. The combination of whey protein isolate, along with electrolytes and amino acids, facilitates muscle repair, reducing post-exercise soreness and promoting faster recovery.

          PROH2O’s sparkling protein water isn’t just fuel for the gym or post-workout recovery. It’s a convenient, ready to drink way to meet your everyday protein needs and daily water intake — without adding unwanted calories and bulk to your diet. Our range is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, whenever they need hydration–whether you’re a gym junkie, a gamer or simply thirsty after a day in the sun.

          Try it for yourself by ordering online, or by visiting one of our stockists. Products are now available at EzyMart, QE Food Stores, Elite Supplements, BP and Metro Petroleum stores, as well as cafes throughout Sydney (check the Where to Buy section of our website for exact locations).